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Shellac Nails

Are you tired of redoing your nails every few days because nail polish has chipped and worn off? Look to Julian Anthony's salon for beauty solutions and superior nail care that includes a perfect Shellac manicure from qualified nail technicians using the most advanced industry techniques. Providing superb nails to our clients each and every time, shellac manicures also offer long lasting results that are perfect for every day, a vacation getaway, or for any occasion where flawless nails are required.

What is a Shellac Manicure?

A combination of gel and regular polish that is ‘cured’ and dried with UV lighting, professional shellac manicures are highly resistant to chipping and retain their gloss and shine for two weeks or more. The nails of our clients look and feel healthier from the practiced expertise of our nail experts!

Applying Shellac to Nails

Julian Anthony's nail care specialists follow a precise step by step process that begins with a thin layer of base coat followed by the curing process under a UV lamp. Alternating layers of base coat and polish applications from drying to curing is repeated several times until the final solar oil finishing. Your nails are left looking smooth, shiny and seamlessly superb.

Facts About Shellac

Natural Look

Shellac manicures do not lengthen nails and are best suited to those who wish to achieve the best results possible with their natural nails.

Longer Lasting

No other manicure provides more durability and extended shine.

Faster Drying Time

Drying time can be lengthy with a regular manicure; Julian Anthony's shellac nail applications are completed within minutes!


A separation line becomes visible as your nail grows away from the cuticle. Visit our salon for quick and easy touch-ups or removal by a professional.

Finger Nail Safety

Julian Anthony's nail products do not contain harmful chemicals. Our licensed nail technicians adhere to the highest of safety and hygiene standards to ensure the health of your natural nails. We recommend that shellac manicures be performed by licensed professionals only. Call or visit our salon to learn more about a wide range of nail, health and beauty services.

As a result of the UV light curing, shellac nail treatments provide long lasting results. With an average 2 week time-span before nail re-growth occurs, some of our clients report returning for a touch up only after a full month with proper care. Call or visit our salon to learn more and schedule an appointment.

Julian Anthony's Shellac Nails Tips and Tricks

Nail experts recommend using lotion and moisturizer to avoid dry skin and brittle nails in between visits and following a shellac manicure.

Never remove shellac manicures by drilling or filing your nails. Gently soak nails in acetone for 10 – 20 minutes or apply acetone to a cotton ball and cover with tin foil. For best results, consult with an experienced manicurist for safety tips when removing shellac nail polish to avoid cracks, or pits on the natural nail surface.

If your nails are damaged or peeling, consult with a nail expert to learn more about methods for strengthening your nails and getting them healthy prior to a shellac manicure.

Julian Anthony's Shellac Nails

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