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Maria Tavares

A little girls dream turned reality, is the basis of Maria Tavares’ life. Her earliest memories as a little girl involve experimenting with make-up and admiring the beauty of the colours in her childhood mirror. Experimenting on both herself and her friends quickly led to a deep-rooted passion. However, not until the age of 37, Maria decided to follow her dreams to go to beauty school.

Upon graduation, Maria gathered the courage to open her first salon – Julian Anthony Salon. Named after her son, Julian Anthony, her newly opened salon would be based on what she calls “God’s greatest gift to my husband, Victor, and I.” Maria had dreamed of seeing her sons name in lights and this was the cherry on top.

Realizing the power of beauty and what it can do for women across the world, the salon is based on empowering women to love themselves inside and out. Seeing the confidence level sky-rocket in many of her customers, Maria finds utter joy in realizing what a simple manicure can do to women she cares about.

Julian Anthony Salon has also begun to build its philanthropic pillar to support women who leave abusive relationships or unsafe home situations. Hitting home, Maria wants to give back to women she finds are courageous and to support their valiant choice. This is only the beginning for Maria and Julian Anthony Salon. Maria, alongside her team, hope to grow their philanthropic efforts as the years come.

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Vania De Jesus

A licensed hairstylist at Julian Anthony's Salon. I am a Marca College graduate and I have been beautifying hair for over 5 years.

I remember being very young and telling my family that I wanted to be a hairstylist. I used to sit in the salon while my mom was getting her hair done and just watch all the stylists work their magic, I would later go home and try to recreate the same on me or my sister’s hair.

I love what I do! I love connecting with every client that sits in my chair. It is so rewarding to see that instant gratification when we have achieved a desired goal. Making people look and feel good about themselves. I enjoy a good challenge whether be a haircut or a complete colour makeover. The best compliment is a happy client.

I also attend various classes for additional training, education and to further my techniques and skills. As a hairstylist we are constantly learning to keep up with all the latest trends to make all our clients feel and look fabulous.

I look forward to continuing beautifying all my clients!

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Sandy Resendes

I have worked professionally as a hairstylist for over 15 years. Having completed my training at Marca College my passion and talent for hair quickly developed into a promising career. I’m fully trained and experienced in Schwarzkopf professional. Sandys Hair design is located inside Julian Anthony’s Salon where i show my passion for hair color such as balayage and highlights and create updos and trendy cuts. The equalizeonly way to do great work is to love what you do. You can check out my page on Facebook Sandys Hair Design @creations1

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Sheila Medeiros

Starting in Portugal amid 2012, Sheila Medeiros owned her own salon as an esthetician. With a passion for seeing results and seeing pure joy on her clients’ faces, she knew this profession was made for her.

Sheila sees women’s nails as a blank canvas and envisions what she can create. She emphasizes the true beauty of each of her clients and sees what she does as enhancements to natural beauty.

Fast-forward to 2018, Sheila is thrilled to be in Canada and bringing European culture to her new home. Working alongside Maria Tavares, owner of Julian Anthony Salon, she can grow within the team and expand her skills.

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